Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Don't forget to blow out your candles!

After a candle was left burning without anyone watching it, it caught fire to this homeowners bedroom. Thankfully the fire was put out before it could spread throughout the house, but many things in the bedroom were destroyed such as this jewelry holder! SERVPRO of Decatur was able to come in and help restore the damaged bedroom!

Bedroom Fire

When a candle was left burning unattended it caused a fire to break out in this homeowner's bedroom! Luckily the fire was caught pretty quickly and did not spread throughout the house. Our SERVPRO fire crew came in to fix the affected wall and help this homeowner forget about this disaster!

Cooking Gone Wrong!

A cooking mishap led to a grease fire in this home causing their microwave to be almost completely destroyed. The fire created smoke and soot damage throughout the home, so SERVPRO of Decatur swooped in to help clean and restore the home!

Destructive House Fire

This was the aftermath of a fire that broke out in the master bedroom of this home. Our crew rushed over to this scene after hours in order to help these homeowners through this stressful and emotional situation. SERVPRO of Decatur wasted no time and went ahead and boarded up two exterior windows in this home to prevent any further damage from the rain that was expected to come in the next couple days. 

Residential Kitchen Fire

A fire breaking out in your home is always a scary situation. Once the fire department gets the flames put out you might be left with only half the home you once had. SERVPRO of Decatur can help you deal with the damages of any sized fire. Give us a call any time at 404-378-9998 and let us help you with fire damage like this!

Fire Damage to Outside of Home

When a fire broke out from an unknown source it caused damage to the outside of this home. Our fire crew came in and quickly dealt with the damage to this home to make the owner feel "Like it never even happened."