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Mold Growth after Basement Flooding

It is so difficult to deal with any kind of property damage to your home. One of our customers came back from a wonderful week-long vacation to find that his wa... READ MORE

Basement and its Contents affect by Mold

A homeowner called us to see if we could help him with a situation in his basement. He said that his hot water heater had burst and that there was water everywh... READ MORE

The Nightmare of a Busted Pipe and Mold Growth

Water damage can be a nightmare for homeowners, and many of them try to remediate the damage by doing it themselves. That’s what happened to one of our cu... READ MORE

Small drips that turn into major water damage

Every homeowner should periodically check their appliances and hot water heater to prevent major water damage in their home. A homeowner had noticed a slow drip... READ MORE

Water Damage in a Rental Property

It is important to inspect your property for any sign of water damage or mold. We received a call about a rental property that had some water damage due to a su... READ MORE

When Previous Water Damage Comes Back and Bites You

We understand why people would want to consider doing a DIY project for the drying and cleanup process after experiencing water damage in their homes, but doing... READ MORE

Commercial Pipe Break

Pipes have a tendency to break from time to time, but you never think that a pipe in your home or business is going to be the one that fails you. After a pipe &... READ MORE

Commercial Ice Maker Leak

Work is usually stressful enough without having to deal with extra building maintenance, but we cannot always control the outcomes of certain situations. So whe... READ MORE

Fire Causes Damage to Stairwell

When an invasive fire erupted at this local home it caused the roof of the house to collapse, leaving fire damage as well as debris and water all over the conte... READ MORE

Supply Line Leak Solved!

After coming home to a flooded basement this resident took quick action to call SERVPRO of Decatur to help them deal with this fiasco. When our crew got to the ... READ MORE